It’s been three whole years of me thinking about you every day
Sometimes for hours, sometimes in passing
Saw you from the bottom of the staircase
Stood out for hours as you complained
About how you haven’t seen your friends yet
That you’re too drunk to stand and
You not knowing if you can love him forever

Bullshit you fucking miss me
There I said it I guess I’ll talk to you in a few months
Sitting drunk on the sidewalk
I guess I’ll get up
I guess I’ll go for a walk
Press my shoes against the pavement
I swear this has got to be the hundredth
Time I’ve thought of you tonight

You weren’t the only one
who thought of us that way
I spend most nights awake
Wide awake

I never thought that I
Oh I would see the day
Where I’d just let you go
Let you walk away
Where I let you walk away

Used to call you crook, called you a bandit
There ain’t no other god damn reason why
my heart, it would go missing
For so many months so I was wishing that you
That you would stop pretending
Remember all those countless nights
When I told you I loved you
And to never forget it
Oh just forget it

Your kiss feels like home and I’m so fucking homesick.
― (via fuckinq)